Hello, My name is Mike Oliver

I am a designer, Wordpress consultant & founder at Zephyr Studio. Welcome to my blog where I help other business owners.

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I've found most small to medium businesses don't have an in-house design & development team

That doesn't change the fact that they want their website, brand identity and marketing to look professional and work effectively.

With 20 years of design, development and marketing experience, I created this personal site to share my knowledge and help other small businesses make better decisions.

Over the years I have seen quite a few startups and businesses take a do-it-yourself approach to their branding and website. This ususally ends up hurting your business more than helping it. You've lost not only time, but potential customers as well.

My goal of this blog is to give you insight when it comes to effective brand design and website development, as well as help you avoid common mistakes that can cost you money.

Mike Oliver - Designer & WordPress Developer

Hello, I'm Mike Oliver. Nice to meet you.

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“Mike Oliver has played a crucial role with the design and branding for the Carpenter | Kessel team. His design aesthetic is always impressive, but what truly sets him apart is his technical knowledge. From email marketing to brochure design, it is easy to put your trust in Mike when he always delivers.”

DeWayne Carpenter – Partner at Carpenter | Kessel Homeselling Team

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