GenerateBlocks Pro Wireframe Patterns

Speed up your website builds with pixel perfect wireframes

A collection of 55 finely tuned, responsive WordPress block patterns you can use to wireframe or jumpstart your next website project. Built with GenerateBlocks Pro and the WordPress block editor and can be used with any WordPress theme.

Preview image of the WordPress Wireframe Block Patterns

Build websites more efficiently & increase your profits

The wireframe block patterns were built to not only help you quickly wireframe your pages, but also save you time building these common patterns from scratch.

If you’re looking to save yourself hours on every website project, quickly deliver wireframes to your clients and boost profits, you will love these patterns.

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Perfectly responsive block patterns

55 responsive block patterns including sections like hero, content, services, pricing table, info boxes, testimonials, team, accordions, tabs & more.

Globally styled for easy editing

Save yourself tons of time by taking advantage of GenerateBlocks Pro’s Global Styles. Change your container padding, buttons and text styles at once.

Inherits your theme’s font settings

All the patterns inherit your theme’s font settings including the paragraph text and H tags. If you’re using GeneratePress, you can also inherit the global colors.

Drop-in ready & theme agnostic

If you are using the WordPress block editor, you can easily import these wireframe patterns and start building out your clients’ websites faster than ever.

GenerateBlocks Pro Wireframe Patterns

Includes all 55 patterns with import and setup instructions.

*Requires GenerateBlocks Pro

I’ve been a freelance website designer for about 4 years now and Mike’s Wireframe Blocks are by far my favorite way to build a website. Starter Sites and Full Page Templates are huge time savers but I really believe that the quality of the content is the most important thing. Rather than trying to adapt content to fit page templates, with the Wireframe Blocks I can easily create gorgeous, pixel-perfect sections that support unique content and help deliver a clear message and call to action. Awesome Product!

Craig Rice

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