Creating GeneratePress Header Elements

Create custom site headers and hero sections with the new GeneratePress Elements

The latest update to GeneratePress Premium, version 1.7, includes a new feature called Elements. This new feature replaces the Page Header and GP Hooks modules, as well as includes a new way to create custom layouts and target where they reside on your site.

The page header and hooks modules will still exist and function as they do now if you’re using them, but reside in a legacy area of Elements. You can continue to use the legacy page headers and hooks as long as you like, but the new features Elements includes may convince you to switch sooner than later.

When you’re ready, you can create your old page headers and hooks with Elements and take advantage of the Display Rules feature, which allows you to pinpoint where your elements reside on your website. Targeting specific pages, posts, taxonomies or areas to place your Elements, allows you much more control over your entire website’s content and layout.

Quick Note

After you activate Elements be sure not to deactivate the hook or page header modules because they will be removed from GeneratePress and you will lose any page headers or hooks you had. Leaving these modules active will allow your page headers and hooks to work as usual and now reside in the Elements legacy areas. If you choose to recreate your page headers and hooks with Elements, once you are finished you can then safely deactivate these modules.

Recreating your page hero’s and headers with GeneratePress Elements

I made this video below to help all GeneratePress Premium members make the transition from page headers to elements a little easier. The video walks through what to expect when activating Elements and how to safely recreate your legacy page headers with the new header element.

Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions switching over to Elements.

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