Learn how to build fast, professional websites without using a pagebuilder

Website performance matters more than ever. Follow along as I show you how to build a high scoring, block based website using GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks

Course Benefits

Build Leaner Websites

In this course you’ll learn how to build a lightning fast, professional block based WordPress website. I go over in detail how I plan out the design and tap into the full power of GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks for layouts that look perfect on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Elevate Your Designs

I’ll show you how typography, color, layout and spacing have a huge impact on your page design and the methods I use to define these important elements. I’ll also teach you how to create and optimize your vector art files such as your logo, icons and design elements.

Land Better Projects

By the end of this course, you will have a full understanding of how GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks work together as well as the confidence to create beautiful block based website pages without using a pagebuilder. Take this knowledge and build fast, professional websites that impress your clients and help you land better website projects.

Added Bonuses

My block based wireframe templates for your own use

Page designs and block elements available for download

GeneratePress Elements and settings available for download

How to create a simple sitemap to plan your website build

Tips for choosing typography, colors and creating a style guide

All custom CSS included in the design with instructions

Website optimization tips for a fast, high scoring website

No design or coding skills required! I’ll show you everything

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Who Am I?

My name is Mike Oliver, I’m a designer at GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks. I’m the guy who designs the GeneratePress Premium demo sites as well as the block patterns in GenerateBlocks Pro. On top of working with the GP & GB team, I have over 10 years experience building lightweight WordPress websites for clients through my own agency.

I decided to create this course after receiving a lot of feedback and additional questions from my YouTube videos related to GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks. GenerateBlocks is extremely powerful and I created this course as a way to deliver a more in depth tutorial at a fair price.

“When it comes to pixel perfect design, Mike is one of the best out there. His attention to detail is apparent in everything he touches. It’s great working with Mike and seeing his passion for designing and delivering quality websites.”

GeneratePress Founder Tom Usborne

Course Testimonials

Mike pulls back the curtain and walks you through his complete process – from wireframing the site pages and blocks, to optimization and testing of the finished product. If you find yourself watching YouTube videos here and there, trying to design your next website using Gutenberg and Blocks, Mike’s course will tick all the boxes for you. The course covers everything from planning your site to setting & styles, elements & headers, designing & building, and more.

Jim Galiano

My mind is blown. This is the most useful course and information I’ve found in the 25 years I’ve been building websites. I’ve been trying to decide between Astra and/or GeneratePress for about year now, been building in both. I already had a preference to GP. Plus, I’ve barely holding on by my fingertips with Elementor, and struggling to get Style Kits working in my favor. I’ve spent hours watching this expert and that expert piece together different aspects of use. I already know this is an easier workflow.

John Addy

I will tell you that your recent GeneratePress course is some of the best training I have ever come across! You are truly gifted at what you do and I commend you for your efforts. I’m only half way halfway through the course but yet I have learned so much. I love your step by step, analytical approach to covering the material. I will definitely be following all of your suggestions moving forward.

Dean Noland

I want to say how much I enjoyed the course. Up until now, I have used a combination of Astra or GP with Beaver Builder to build sites, but from now on, it will be GP & GB for all new projects. Hats off to you for putting this all together. The course is full of so much helpful info. It will help me be more productive with my time and produce a higher quality of work. Massive thank you from me 🙂

Rich Flynn

I have learned so much through your course after going through it just once. I will be doing the course over again this week and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. This time I will get it! With your help, I will master WordPress, GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks.

Linda Chartier

Thanks Mike, Great course. After working (struggling) for years with Typo3 and some WP website builder. Now I learned how much easier, faster it is using GeneratePress. Looking forward to your next course.

Matthias Bank

You’re the man! I have to say this course goes far beyond my expectations. All these tools, design tips, approach – it’s much more than just GeneratePress course. And talking about GP – as a new kid on the block I must say – you make everything easy.

Mateusz Branczewski

Great tutorials – I’m now focussing on GP/GB for all new site builds thanks to these really helpful guides. Highly recommended: The course is so good that I bought 2 seats. One for me and one for my VA since it’s saving me a ton of time teaching!

Gordon Sheppard

Fantastic course. Thanks so much. I’ve been a straight coder in the past and the transition to Wordpress has been hard. You’ve made it all a lot clearer.

Pete Tavener

Thanks, Mike, loved the course, been wanting to get away from page builders and this course will definitely help me make the switch.

Craig Wilson

I loved this course! I now have two sites built with GeneratePress Premium, GenerateBlocks and WP ShowPost.

Karl Ogaard

Great course, Mike. My confidence with GP and GenerateBlocks has grown significantly because of it.

Tony Walker

Enrollment now open

Sign Up Today & Learn How to Build Lightweight WordPress Websites with GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks


Which WordPress theme do I need to use?

You can use any theme you choose to as long as it works with the WordPress block editor. I’m using the theme GeneratePress Premium to set up the page headers, navigation, blog archive, typography and colors. The page and post designs are created entirely using the plugin GenerateBlocks and a couple of the WordPress core blocks.

How will the course be delivered to me?

The course platform is podia.com which you can access from any device and consist of video tutorials, bonus material and GenerateBlocks template downloads.

Do I need to know how to code?

Not at all. The website is built using GeneratePress, GenerateBlocks and the Wordpress block editor. Any custom CSS used in the design is explained, available for download and marked clearly so you know how to edit it. I also reply to the course comments on a daily basis if you have any questions.

Is this course offered in other languages than English?

No, I’m sorry it is not.

Do you offer refunds?

Since the entire course is unlocked from the beginning and the actual site files are available for download, refunds are not available. I am however extremely confident you will walk away with a clear understanding of how GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks work together as well as some great design, layout and website performance tips.

What if I have another question?

Just send me a message and I will get right back to you.