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Castos Website Development

Castos is a podcast hosting platform with over 30,000 customers and counting. They help podcasters grow their audiences with public podcasts, create exclusive private podcasts, and have a variety of listener tracking tools to help their customers maximize engagement.

Website Development

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Custom Mega Menu Plugin

95+ Google Core Web Vitals

Castos website development

“Mike came highly recommended as someone who specializes in building fast, block based websites. A major component of the Castos brand redesign was to create a new website that not only matched the rebrand, but was developed using the WordPress block editor. Amazing performance and having the website match our teams design mockups was a high priority, and Mike did not disappoint. Not only did he build us a site that matched our new design mockups perfectly, our site performance is now off the charts. I highly recommend Mike simply based on his knowledge, deliverables and ability to turn around a complex project ahead of schedule.”

Craig Hewitt

Craig Hewitt – Founder & CEO at Castos

The Challenge

Though Castos is one of the leading podcasting hosting companies, their old website was not performing well and did not reflect their new brand identity. With a slow website and Google Core Web Vital scores in the 30’s, they reached out to me hoping to boost performance by building a new block based website.

With a complete brand redesign which included page mockups provided by their design team, I was tasked with developing their new block based site to match the design mockups perfectly.

The Solution

I sat down with the Castos’ team to fully understand what they wanted their new website to achieve. The old website had a mass of external requests and poorly optimized integrations, so optimization was a huge part of my plan.

I began with a major cleanup of the old site, and then developed a new block based website that perfectly matched the mockups provided by their internal design team. I then compiled all of the block templates used for the redesign into a library so that the team at Castos can easily add new matching content in the future.

One obstacle of the project was recreating the mega menu to match the Figma mockups without it having a huge affect on page performance. Not wanting to add a bloated mega menu plugin and keep things as lean as possible, I teamed up with David Beckwith of GeneratePress who hand coded a lean mega menu that matched their designs exactly.

The Results

Now, Castos is attracting even more podcast fanatics with a fast, vibrant website that is faster and hits improved Core Web Vital scores of 95+ on mobile and desktop.

With a more engaging, user-friendly interface that performs incredibly, they’re now able to focus on promoting their platform, knowing their website is on-brand and rock solid.

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