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My name is Mike Oliver, I’m a designer & WordPress developer located in Melbourne, Florida

I help businesses define their identity and develop clean, bloat-free websites that make it easy for your customers to find you. Aside from working with clients, I’m building lightweight, performance driven WordPress products at GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks as well as helping others do the same through my website course.

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What I’m Working On

GeneratePress Premium Theme Demos

With over 80,000 Premium members, GeneratePress is one of the most respected and best performing WordPress themes available. Using the WordPress block editor and GenerateBlocks, I created a new series of block based templates for GeneratePress users to use as the foundation of their websites. Eliminating the need for a pagebuilder, users now have a way to build beautiful responsive websites that are extremely fast.

“When it comes to pixel perfect design, Mike is one of the best out there. His attention to detail is apparent in everything he touches. It’s great working with Mike and seeing his passion for designing and delivering quality websites.”

– GeneratePress Founder Tom Usborne

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